Study Abroad Scholarship

Alpha Gamma Rho Study Abroad Scholarship

The AGR Study Abroad Scholarship is intended to encourage full time undergraduate students that are members of Tau Chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho to participate in MSU’s study abroad programs. It is the donor’s intent to give preference in the selection process to students who might otherwise not be able to participate in study abroad programs due to financial constraints and students who work to uphold that principles and goals of AGR. Candidates must have completed at least 12 semester credits at MSU, have a minimum GPA of 2.25 and be in good financial standing with the Tau Chapter. The selection committee will consider academic standing, class, brotherhood ranking and quality of application in the selection of recipients. In accepting the award, the student(s) agrees to submit an article for Cresant and present Power Point presentation of accomplishments to Alumni Board.

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Past Recipients

2014- Ron Groen and David Duncan

2008- Adam Dietrich and Paul Windemuller

2007- Brian McMillen

2006- Eric Brown