Our Purpose & Vision

Alpha Gamma Rho's Vision

To be the premier fraternity building values, skills and relationships for lifelong personal and professional success in the food, fiber, and life sciences industry

Alpha Gamma Rho's Vision

To be the premier organization that cultivates lifelong leaders who are highly respected and engaged in their communities and professions.

Alpha Gamma Rho is a national agricultural fraternity. All our members have a sincere interest in agriculture from food, fiber, or fuel and see themselves actively involved in agricultural opportunities from production to value added end products and everything in between. Nationwide, there are 70 AGR chapters with over 50,000 members in the United States.

The purpose of Alpha Gamma Rho is “To Make Better Men” and the men of Tau Chapter strive to meet the challenge of this purpose. Our members take an active role of developing leadership skills through the University and College of Ag and Natural Resources events and clubs. Strong academics and gentlemen attributes are consistently emphasized. The alumni of AGR are innovators, leaders, and educators in agriculture. All of these can be credited to Alpha Gamma Rho’s past and present. Currently, the future looks just as bright.

AGR sets the standard of excellence. When one walks into Alpha Gamma Rho’s front door, you can see the success of the chapter by the well-decorated wall and the full trophy case. The chapter has received MSU Greek Chapter of the Year numerous times. In the trophy case one finds trophies from Greek Gala, Intramural Sports, and Greek Week. We expect our members to strive for and experience strong academic success, professional internships, and leadership opportunities while at Michigan State.

Besides having successful active members, AGR prides themselves with successful alumni. Through the years our alumni developed the strong foundation and high expectations that cause our members to continue this fine tradition of getting a well balanced education—academics, leadership, and internships!

If you have a sincere interest in agriculture, desire to be actively involved as a leader while on campus, want to seek opportunities to network with strong leaders in agriculture, and strive to excel academically as a Michigan State student, then you need to express an interest in Alpha Gamma Rho.

Our Values

…what the fraternity values…what the Brothers believe in…

1. Exemplary personal character and ethical conduct

2. Commitment to academic excellence

3. Commitment to interpersonal growth and management experiences resulting from group living

4. Lifelong relationships, commitment and support among collegians and alumni

5. Quality membership growth and diversity of membership representing all eligible men

6. Caring, capable, and committed advisers, alumni, and housemothers

7. Sound financial management at the personal, chapter, and national fraternity levels

8. Local responsibility and control with proactive national direction and standards

9. Professional leadership to support the food/fiber and life sciences industry